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Our NY certified officiant has a one of a kind ceremony that celebrates your one of a kind love. We offer personalized, customized and coordinated ceremonies with great care and attention to details perfectly fulfilling your dreams. Whether you and your beloved have different faiths, or are simply spiritual and not religious, together we can create a personal wedding ceremony that is special, meaningful and uniquely yours. 


A Wedding Ceremony is typically divided in three main sections; prelude, processional, and recessional. We can accommodate all

ceremony modifications. 

Prelude-beautiful music is being played while the guests are entering the ceremony and being seated.

Processional- specific songs are being played while the bridal party, family and important people are walking through the aisle. In this part of the ceremony there are usually 3 song changes and the entrance of the Bride is being specially highlighted.

Recessional-lively and celebrating songs are accompanying the married couple, bridal party and family to exit the ceremony.

bremens band.jpg

Our featured Bands have all type of musical genres such as jazz, pop, hip hop, Broadway, Latin, R&B, rock, etc. In our team we engage the most fun, professional and experienced musicians. Every member in our group is a world class singer or instrumentalist. Our team will transmit energy and encourage the guests to have a blast on the dance floor. The hosts that we work with are professional and charismatic. Also we provide hosting in Russian or Spanish if requested. We will make sure that your once in a lifetime celebration goes as planned and desired. 


We offer only professional DJ’s and hosts, those who are experts in mixing any musical genre such as pop, hip-hop, dance, club, etc. Our DJ will scan your crowd ensuring to pick the right songs to keep the party and energy at peak. All tracks will be chosen to fit your requests and make sure that the crowd is never bored. 

Want to add a live touch? We offer electric violin, saxophone, drums, or a singer to accompany our DJ. 

*Ask about fun extras such as a photo booth and party items.


Want to surprise your guests with something special or unusual?

  • Have a life statue or gorgeous model welcome your guests to your special event. 

  •  Our musicians can perform music during the invite or cocktail hour in original costumes to create an authentic scene. For example, we can wear beautiful dresses from renaissance period that will fit the elegance of our classical and baroque music. 

  •  Enjoy our one and only “Tutta Bravura” Electric female string quartet Show. A 15 to 20 minute performance of energizing varied musical selections and have your guests dance and interact with the artists. 

  • Experience a magic show with our talented and gallant world class magician. 

  • Be thrilled by the best ballroom, hip hop, belly dance, Latin, klezmer, and gypsy dancers. 

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